Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Best Cover Bands I Should Of Started

From Least Favorite to Most Favorite

The Nightswimmers - REM coverband.
Show Venue:  Weddings (mostly 2nd weddings as in either the bride or groom had already been married, divorced, and now remarrying.)

The El Scorcho's - Weezer coverband.
Show Venue:  Frat parties galore.

Come Comanche - Cake coverband
Show Venue:  Frat parties galore.  The El Scorcho's and Come Comanche would primarily operate on the same bill.

The Barracudas - A Female Power Band Collective with songs from Heart, Joan Jett, Blondie, Pat Freaking Benetar, Vixen, The Bengals, etc.
Show Venue:  Various Low Budget Hotel/Motel Bars

Mystic Rhythms - Rush coverband with an emphasis (but not limited to) Rush's music catalog from the 80's era.
Show Venue:  Side Stages at various stadium tours, amphitheaters.  It would be a full time job portraying such awesomeness 

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