Thursday, March 31, 2011

Farm House Session 3

Farm House Session 3.  Is the first of two separate recordings to feature our old friend TJ Isenburg on guitar.  TJ was kind enough to stop in with some cold beers and his new Martin guitar as we played through some old time favorites.  Chelsea was not available for this recording so it's rare that I'll do so many songs on my own.  I had forgotten what I sounded like, and there are a few parts where I can pick out the rust on my massive three note vocal range.  Nonetheless, I don't think there is anything better than shooting the breeze with an old friend and having a good recording to show for it.

The songs, 'Singing On The Moon' was one of the first songs I've ever written, however, it has never been recorded.  This recording is the first take, and it's definitely one of the best sounding versions I've ever heard.  'All I Really Need' and 'Unrecognized' both appear on the Coming Up Slowly album, but these versions provide a nice twist. Finally, 'The Lawn Song' has only been played on a hand full of occasions live.

All songs available for download FOR FREE at:

Singin' On The Moon
All I Really Need

The Lawn Song

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