Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Simple Groove & The Pond Fish

For years I have been lobbying to change the band name from 'The Simple Groove' to 'The Pond Fish.' Obviously, it never passed through management. It is not that I dislike the name 'The Simple Groove' I just prefer how the three syllables of 'The Pond Fish' roll off of the tongue. I like how the pond fish that live in my pond just kind of hang out, on their own agenda, without much of a worry. It is very similar to how The Simple Groove operates. We don't have a time line, we don't have a goal, and we certainly don't have a break-even point. We don't worry about booking shows, or clearing cost. We keep it simple: Try to get together on a weekly basis, and at the very least, talk about music. Ahhhh, I remember why the current band name is in place.

Anywho, over the past two years, we have started to piece together an extensive book of both original, and covered music. While at the same time, building up on our equipment to have a decent recording studio. One option with this is to record another album. But then we run into the issue of releasing an album. Production costs, duplication, marketing, touring, no thank you. That part of the music industry just doesn't interest me.

Therefore, we would like to present the official blog of The Simple Groove; The Pond Fish. The blog will insight our general music collections, as well as our original recordings. More specifically, the recordings we will be presenting are all live recordings from our farm house studio uniquely titled: 'The Farm House Sessions.' These sessions will be posted on the blog for your listening pleasure and will also be available for download, for free, at

So for our dozens of followers out there, hopefully this answers the question 'What's new with The Simple Groove.'

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